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Achieving your family dream, with dedication, experience, understanding, and established processes.

Loving Heart is a non-profit organization with the primary objective to help children and adoptive parents achieve happiness and a better future.


Children are our future

It is our deep belief that the children are the future of the world. Every child deserves a loving and caring family!


High ethical values

Adoption is very honourable and ethical. We are determined to promote the process of international adoption based on honesty, sincerity and professional ethics.


Excellent knowledge and respect for the laws governing the adoption process

The staff of the Agency, as well as our foreign partners, have detailed knowledge of the adoption laws and requirements of Canada, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Poland, Serbia, and Macedonia. Our staff and partners have a wealth of adoption experience and attend regular professional training to ensure we are always up to date on policies and procedures.

Intercountry Adoption Programs

Loving Heart is licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services to facilitate adoptions from, Bulgaria , Lithuania , Serbia , and Macedonia.

We are the longest-running intercountry adoption agency in 
Ontario and have facilitated adoptions of more than 200 children for Canadian families. Click on a country to find out more details about the program and your adoption options.

Emad and Alicia 

Thank you for making our dream of completing our family come true with three beautiful sons from Lithuania.  You prepared us at every step of the
adoption journey. 

 We appreciate that you made the adoption process and what to expect here at home and in Lithuania clear and predictable. You were always there for us when we had questions. We cannot say enough about the merits of your Lithuania program.

Anca and Daniel 

"Pavel and Elena did their best to walk all side our family during a journey where we had many questions. Their established relationship with the Lithuanian government and Family Law officials was extremely helpful and contributed to moving the entire process along, especially when we had to travel to Lithuania, a country with practices and language we were unfamiliar with. It was a network of support from start to finish. It has been very rewarding to see our family come together, with every step of the journey. "

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