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Applicant Eligibility


Married couples are accepted.


There is no upper age restriction. Please contact us for further details.


Applicants must be free of mental health diagnoses/medication. Contact the agency for more details if you are unsure about whether you meet this requirement.


Available Children


Children aged 2 and up from the Lithuanian special needs program.

Children aged 5 and up from the Lithuanian standard intercountry adoption program.


Children are cared for in orphanage and foster home environments, depending on the child’s needs and available resources in the child’s region. Sibling groups are available.


Wait times are typically 6-24 months to receive a proposal after registration with the Lithuanian central adoption authority, and another 2-3 months to finalize the adoption.

Travel Requirements


Applicants are required to make one trip to Lithuania, approximately 2½  weeks in length, after which the applicants will return to Canada with their child.

For additional information, please contact us .

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