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Applicant Eligibility


Married couples and single applicants are accepted. There is no upper age limit for adoptive applicants.


Applicants must be no more than 50 years older than the child (younger spouse/single applicant) or 55 years older than the child (older spouse).


Available Children


Children ages 1½ and up. Most children adopted through Loving Heart have been 3-10 years of age at the time of placement.


Children are cared for in orphanage and foster home environments, depending on the child’s needs and available resources in the child’s region. Sibling groups are available.


Wait times vary greatly on a case by case basis. Please contact the agency for further details about estimated wait times. Wait times to adopt children with special needs or children over 7 years of age are typically very short.


Travel Requirements


Applicants are required to make two trips to Bulgaria. Each trip is approximately 1 week in length. First trip upon receiving a child proposal. Second trip after the adoption has been finalized in Bulgarian court, to pick up your child and return home.


For additional information, please contact us .

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