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Q: We are interested in your programs but are not Ontario residents. Do you provide services for out of province applicants?

A: Yes! We work with adoptive applicants all over Canada (except Quebec). We have facilitated many adoptions for adoptive parents residing in a variety of provinces, and have good working relationships with the provincial central adoption authorities.


Q: I would like to become an adoptive parent, but I am single. Can I apply?

A: Each country has different requirements and restrictions based on adoptive applicants’ marital status. Single applicants are eligible to apply. Bulgaria is particularly suitable for single applicants, and we have finalized many adoptions from Bulgaria for single applicants in the past.

Q: Are we too old to become adoptive parents?

A: Every country sets their own guidelines/requirements for maximum age of adoptive applicants. Your eligibility may depend on the age range of child for which you are applying to adopt. Please contact us for more details.


Q: Can I adopt siblings? Does the cost double when adopting siblings?

A: Sibling groups of 2 or more are available for adoption. The cost increase in a sibling adoption is relatively minor – approximately 5-10% more than the total cost of adopting a single child.


Q: How do we get started?

A: The best way to begin preparing for your adoption journey is to gather as much information as possible in the early stages. We offer private informational sessions at the agency office or via telephone/Skype conference. Please contact us to make an appointment today!


Q: We want to adopt a relative. Is the process the same?

A: Relative adoption (i.e. niece, cousin, etc.) have different requirements than the typical international adoption process. Please contact us for more details.


Q: How much will the whole process cost?

A: Every adoption case is unique and the total cost may vary on a case by case basis. For the most accurate estimate, please contact us. Our programs all have comparable average adoption-related expenses of $25,000 to $35,000 CAD.


Q: How long will it take?

A: Every adoption case is unique, and as such waiting times vary greatly depending on a wide variety of factors.

Waiting times for older children or children with special needs are typically very short. Please contact the agency for more details.


Q: I want to adopt from a different country that has no licensed agency.

A: It may be possible for Loving Heart to obtain a one-time license to facilitate adoptions from a country for which we are not currently licensed. Please contact the agency for details.

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